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Andrew Homzy
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Hello Peter -
I am looking for Anthony King who arranged the Louis Armstrong music for Kenny Baker's 15 CD set.
Can you please help me with this?
I know you are probably not related - but perhaps you had some contact or knowledge about him -
Thomas Fairhurst
Wye, Kent
Since hearing you at the Folkestone Jazz Club I have been reading your autobiography and enjoying Lush Life. It's an epic musical life story and wonderful, wonderful music. Thank you!
peter king
Hi Chris, my favourite nephew. Love ya man. Uncle Peter Smile
Chris King
Geneva, Switzerland
Hi Peter,

My favourite uncle. You've been my idol since I was a kid. Your music is just pure genius. Love it. Love you.

Chris King
Geneva, Switzerland
Hi Peter,

MY favourite uncle. You've been my idol since i was a kid. Your music is just pure genius. Love it. Love you.

Gilberto Lopes
Last Thursday I had the privilege of hearing and watching you playing at the Sunset Sunside Jazz Club in Paris.
What a beautiful sound and phrasing you have!
Thank you for your art!
Alexandre Debeusscher
Lille France
Bill Snyder
Just came across your work. Started with Georgie Fame "In Hoagland." Thanks for your art. I'll be looking for more. Any help you can give me in finding it is appreciated.
I've heard the best starting in the 50's and you have now been added to the list.
andy davis
OMG, i had the privilege of listening to you play at the Felixstowe Jazz Club last night, amazing, beautiful music. Thank you. Will you be playing there again? Do you play at the Antibes Jazz Festival?
Kind Regards
Thank you for an amazing evening on Saturday in Barnes. Brought along our 18 year old son who is a DJ who was blown away and freely admitted how brilliant he thought you, the music and musicians were. Next month he intends bringing down his friends to educate them. He has also been inspired in his current music production to incorporate live instruments and not just computer and synth. Thanks Pete and the boys for converting him.
Frank & Marnie
Pete, we've been fans for 40 years. Thanks for all the great gigs. Another fabulous one at the Bulls Head last night in the new room.
Andy Faulkner
Milton Keynes
Thanks Peter for a great gig last night at the Greensand Jazz night.
Peter King
Hi Eddie, Great to hera from you. Please give my best wishes to my dear friend Phil Woods when you see him again.

All the best
Eddie Severn
Pennsylvania USA
Hi Peter. You may not remember me but I was lucky enough to play with you on a couple of big band dates when I still lived in the UK in the late 90's. These days I often play with Phil Woods in his big band who I can say with certainty is the only Alto player I have ever played with that matches your mastery of the be bop language. Wish they could hear you over here in the US more often.

Best Wishes

Peter King
Hi there, Re your opera project; why don't you contact me direct by email at
Best wishes
matt hilton
Bulls Head Barnes - this kid loved it - I've been asked by people what kind of music I see for an opera libretto I've written - about the Mau Mau - hard question, then lately I've been thinking maybe be bop with instru,ents "calling" to the singers - I don't know, would you like to lok at th project and tell me what you think - I'm not rich but there will be a bit of seed money
John Warburg
North West London
Hi Pete

Really like the site. Can I still get your old albums on CD?

Is it also true you started out in The Original Climax Jazz Band with trumpet player Gus Galbraith? This band in 1958 became The Gus Galbraith Septet, who included you on alto sax, Galbraith on trumpet and Dick Morrissey on tenor sax. Any idea who else was in the band?



Rafael Lopes
Reino Unido
Hello dear sir my name is Rafael Lopes. Since my young age i was listen you in the incredible Lush Life solo. For you to know I`m a saxophone player with 12 years of experience now. Im studying jazz now in University of Birmingham Conservatoire and probably you are one of the reasons. I would like to tanks you anyway maybe play with you or have a class with you.... It`s possible? Sincerlly.
Roy Church
West Hoathly West Sussex
Where can I find a list of up and coming gigs?
peter king
Dear friends, thanks for all your many kind messages. They are deeply appreciated.

Is anyone interested if I make aavailable some of my original compositions. I'm thinking of sorting this out if there is enough interest.
Sincerely yours
Peter King
Hi Pete,

I was at Folkestone Jazz Club for your gig last night. Second time I've seen you perform at FJC, the first occasion you were the best I've ever heard and I didn't think it could get any better, but last night you played to higher level still. Lots of people are saying you've been on fire at your recent gigs and I witnessed that last night and thanks for playing my favourite, Lush Life.

My father was disappointed not to be able to come along, but you autographed a CD for him, which I gave it to him today and he's made up !

Thanks Pete and keep burning !

Kathy S.
Fulham, London.
Hi Peter, I worked the bar downstairs in Ronnie's, in the early 70's and still rate it as one of the most enjoyable jobs I've had.
My enduring memory of you is, after asking for a job for my sister, I was singing her praises for job well done and you replied, 'what are you, her manager'. Still laugh when I remember that.
Met some great people there, Mose Alison and so many more, not to mention 'Henry' the doorman!
Glad to see you're still performing, all the best. Kathy S.
Mike Wicks
North Devon
Hi Pete, Flying High what a life you've had so far, a tremendous book. Very informative for up and coming young musicians. I am in my 80's living in N. Devon, but have wonderful memories. Your father asking Joe Harriot if you could sit in with him at the Bulls Head Barnes. You sat near me waiting for the nod on edge fiddling with your alto. Joe nodded and you went up, he said "Cocktails for Two". You sounded great with your cool alto tone. Joe sounded dated at the time. The Bebop Preservation Society played fantastic jazz with you and Tubby, Tubby loved your playing saying yea yea nodding to the fans and extending his arm to you in appreciation. You used to flog LP's to us in the interval and sign them, great. "Collectors items now". The time with Tubby's big band when his springs broke and he couldn't play a note. You found a box of elastic bands and fixed it, he played the gig as if nothing had happened. "Aero modelling saved the day" Pete. I wish you all the best in the future and thank you for all those beautiful jazz solos. Mike Wicks
Hello Peter,

I've just listened to Tamburello; it's haunting, brilliant. I have a question in relation to the album/Ayrton - would you be so kind and get in touch? Thanks, Martin
Saw you last night a the Fleece Jazz Club in your Steve Melling, Andy Cleyndert and Mark Fletcher Quartet.
Great evening and your piece Lush Life, was yet again inspiring. Good to see you again. Smile
Don Allwright

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Zyklon CD?
Don Allwright
Hi Pete,
I saw you at the Bull's Head last month (22nd June 2013).
Quite phenomenal; also I had never heard Steve Melling before.
I've listened to you live off and on for about 40 years; I asked you in the interval if you had played The Band on the Wall, Manchester recently. I wont remind you of your reply!
I have just finished your brilliant autobiography; I clearly have some catching up to do on your amazing career.
You're about as modest as they come so I'll say it; you're the best British Jazz musician I've ever heard. Keep the live gigs going and please try and play some in the north! Regards,
Don Allwright
sydney, aust
we are in london at the end of the month(July) do you have a gig in the week ending august 2, 2013

saw you at the QE2 hall a few years back and want more

loved the book

would like to find the al and zoot album if you can point me towards a copy

go for it!!
Spreading the word about the Bulls Head:


Stealing Dan (and Don)
Sandy Eeds
Kansas City
Hello Peter

Just finished Flying High lent, not surprisingly, by your friend and ours, Verne Christensen. I was taken on a unique journey through your words and experiences. Astonishing accomplishments combined with an honest insight into a life well-lived. We had the honor of seeing you for the Parker event in KC as well as a special evening at a club in a suburb of Paris maybe 10 years ago. Naturally both events orchestrated by Verne with great thanks by my wife Susan and me.

All the best to you with wishes for the choicest gigs. We hope we can hear you again someday.

Kindest Regards,
Sandy and Susan Eeds
Ale Moglia
Hi Peter,
I managed to show you this quick sketch between sets but of course you were focused on your gig. Thanks for such a great music flowing into my ears every time I get the chance to attend on of your shows. A real pleasure.
Here is my way of returning that great gift back to you



craftsmen/artisans should be cheaper
Hi pete, having a trip down memory lane and checking out the web on Dick Morrissey and of course your esteemed self. Great to see you active and I'll try to get your book over here. Great memories of the Gus Galbraith group in our early days. Be well.

Jerry Turner
Hello Peter,
I had a brief chat with you last year about appearing at the Naturist Foundation Jazz Festival. unfortunately I have lost your card. Please let me have your e-mail address as I would love to have your quintet play at the festival.
Best Wishes,

Jerry Turner
Peter Avis
Hello Peter.
We saw you at the 606 on the 15 Dec. I know Adrian has already wished you a Happy Christmas. I would alos like to thnak you for the most wonderful evening of music. I think it was the best I will ever hear, what a night. Next time will be different and I expect as good.
Have a restfull break and will toast 2013 with you. Wish you a great New Year.
Peter A.
cm7 2sz
Merry Christmas Pete. 2012 (Thinks, "I would have given anything in the world to have been able to play as well as Peter"Wink
Charles Drago
Rhode Island, USA
Just a brief note of thanks for your extraordinary music and the passion, intelligence, and joy that it brings to my life.
Saw you at Ronnie Scott's with Alan Skidmore in 2004 doing a Coltrane tribute concert. One of the high points of my concert going career! Wish I had an opportunity to see you more often, but I have you on numerous cd's to tide me over until the next time. Thanks for all teh beautiful music.
david edmondson
kendal cumbria ENG;AND
brilliant biography brilliant musician and aero enthusiast and without doubt as miles would say you are something else
so best regards for 2013 and beyond david edmondson
jacky huchet
nantes france
Bonjour Monsieur King,

Merci pour votre contribution à l'histoire du jazz.
Avec votre saxophone alto, vous m'avez emballé dans ma ville lors d'une nuit du jazz comme "guest star" du côte ouest big band; je ne suis pas prêt d'oublier votre performance. Je suis également un ami de Joel Toussaint le batteur de Rennes.
A quand un nouvel enregistrement.
Biens sincèrement.
Thomas Hinks
United Kingdom
It was a real privilege to see you perform at the Spotted Dog in Digbeth last night Pete. Absolutely inspirational. Many thanks for signing my CD.
United kingdom
Hi PETE just listening to MF one LP.. the track " if I though you'd ever change your mind" THAT'S is amazing great sound matey.. I LOVE YOUR SOUND...

Will Heard
Good day Peter - just finished reading your autobiography. Fascinating. I am doing a talk about you at our local jazz appreciation society soon. I have been listening to as much of your work as I can - Notwithstanding the great respect you have from jazzers around the world you are still so underappreciated in your own country. What an irony - Russia giving you a "lifetime achievement" award when we do not even recognise the massive contribution you have made to our own cultural heritage. I would go far to see a production of Zyklon if it ever gets fully off the ground.
Will Heard
David Ellingham
Cambridge Jazz Coop
Sorry, Pete - I realise I don't have your email address after all. Could you email me so we can sort this date out. Very best wishes, David
Wil Greenstreet
New York City
I forgot to ask, are you ever planning to come and play in NYC again?
I would be there, for sure!!!
Wil Greenstreet
New York City
Hi Peter,
I sure am enjoying your alto playing...I could listen all have the perfect jazz style as far I'm concerned...a beautiful blend of Bird and Trane....yet it's your sound.
Keep 'em coming Peter.

PS loved your book too...such an interesting story
Jenny Lansdell
Littlehampton UK
Hi Peter,
Thank you for signing a copy of Flying High for me at Bedales recently. My late partner painted you playing there in the late 90s. Please take a look - scroll down to the bottom of this page:
Best wishes,
Brian Smith
Auckland New Zealand
Hi Peter have just finnished your book Flying High.Great read and memories with you with Tubby and Maynard together and a lot of stuff i never knew.Always loved your playing.
Still doing some playing and teaching over hear.
My Web Brian.
Mr Tommy McCoy
Hi Pete
great book and fantastic read I would like to know if you sell any of your CD and if so can you please let me know thanks Tommy
Trudy and Jaco
Utrecht, Holland
Hee Peter, w,ve been at 606 club, lotsroad, London and we had à wonderfull eve overthere, thank you so much and we have respect for your performance and offcourse the otheronces tank you and best Greets from Holland!

Jaco and Trudy

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