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David Quillen
Los Angeles, CA
Hello Peter!
My name is David Quillen, and I am a forty-five year old baritone saxophonist. I first became aware of your playing around 1990, on Everything but the Girls' "Eden" album. I heard your solo on "Crabwalk" and was completely floored!! I've been a fan ever since, and have acquired and enjoyed "East 34th St.", "Hi Fly", "Lush Life", "Speed Trap", "Tamburello", "Footprints", "Janus" as well as all the Charlie Watts stuff. Listening to your music is such an inspiring experience.....I think that what moves me most about your playing is your incredible tone and passion, that you never let your technique get in the way, that you know when to let the music breathe, but also know when to BURN!!!! Your music makes me feel more alive after I've heard it, which is the hallmark of all great music to me. My only regret is that I haven't had the pleasure of hearing you live, I sincerely hope that one day you will be able to come play in LA, otherwise I'm going to have to save up for a British trip!! Until then, keep playing, because there are people out there who really care about what you do!!!

Straight ahead,
David Quillen
peter king
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Franck Amsallem
Hi peter

we played together in Pori Finlanfd, in 94.

A warm greeting from Paris

(pianist) Franck Amsallem
Fiona Mabbott
Portsmouth UK
You may or may not remember Don Lewis (regular at Oxford Jazz Club and Bull at Barnes through 60's and into 70's) I am his daughter (he introduced us backstage at a gig at Warwick University about 20 years ago and you autographed an album for me). Daddy (Don) died on Sunday. In looking for a charity to send donations to I got into jazz sites and found this. He also knew Bobby Wellins. Not sure why I am sending this really but an old name from his past may like to know he's gone.
Rob Fothergill
Halesowen, West Midlands
Dear Peter, I'm so glad I have found this website. I've always wanted to tell you that I live in awe of your playing. I want to thank you for the endless pleasure it brings me. I first became aware of you when you had the Albert Hall and a TV audience hypnotised by every note. Since 1998 I've had the pleasure of hearing you play in an array of intimate venues. So far as I am concerned, I've had almost private performances from a superstar. Thank you so much for being there!
Steve Lawless
Brighton UK
Stonking gig at Brighton last night. Does it get any better than this? What about putting more of your albums on
David Playfoot
Colchester UK
Took a keen musical friend to you last night at the Fleece Club - my 4th time. Both thought you were amazingly outstanding as was the band. What aprivelege to hear you in such a small setting. Thanks so much.
sven-inge johansen
I'd like to get in touch with peter whome i met on a jazzcourse in Toscana, Italy some years ago: im interested in his work on his biograhpy..if it is finished or not??
Rob Miller
I liked your site.
Steve Finch
Sudbury Suffolk
SmileThanks Peter for the times we have spent together,your friendship and kindness.The greatest alto of all time.Love forever..Steve Finch...
Beverley Foster
Leek Staffordshire
Hi I came to see you last night 19th March 2009 in Stoke on Trent with my husband David (48yrs and he's been playing the saxaphone for a year and cannot get enough of it!)

We had a fantastic night and feel very privaledged to have been able to hear you play

We look forward to seeing you play again. How do we find out where you are playing?

Best wishes
and thank you for a great night

Jack Wolworth
You are truly one of the world’s finest “Modern Jazz” saxophonists/musicians. Thanks for keeping it real! My best regards to you.
dan phillips

the coolest grandad and great grandad you could have. love dan, zoe, samuel and william "peter" phillips.
Stephen Keogh
Hi Peter
It was a great to see a packed Ronnie Scotts and all of the musicians firends and family who came to show you how much me all appreciate and love you. We're all here for you.
Verne Christensen
Kansas City, USA
Dear Peter, That pure, clean tone and blazing creativity of yours is matched only by the humility and purity of your kindness. It's simply a joy to listen to each and every thing you play and such an honor to call you "friend". All of us here in KC love you greatly and thanks for the warmth and happiness you bring each of us. Sorry to miss the bash at Ronnie's! Much love from Verne, Stephanie, Miles, Hardy, and Kylie.
Chris & Barbara King
Geneva, Switzerland
Hi Peter, We wanted to tell you that you're the coolest Uncle anyone could have and that we love you so much. We're so happy that your friends care about you as much as we do and that they've put together this amazing tribute to you. You deserve every bit of praise you get. And we're sure, as always, you will say you dont know what we're all on about and remain as ever so modest. Great man, Great Jazzman. Very cool Uncle.
Love Chris & Barbara
Long Beach, California
Hello Peter, Hope and pray tha all goes well and you will be back playing soon. All my best.
Ron Chambers
David Stonard
Reigate, England
Hi Peter, you are one of the worlds greatest and have been for many a while.Will see you at Ronnie's on Sunday and hope that in reading the comments of all those who are to sign this you will realise how much you are loved and respected-peace and love
kim parker
If you should see this before the Ronnie Scott's affair, I hope you have a blast and I am sure you will and will be surrounded by friends and love.
I sent a voice mail to Ronnie's, so I hope you get it and know how very much Linda;s and your support have mean to us. All love.
Garth Woods
Cheers Peter!
Thank you very much for your kindness to me and to my family throughout the years. I am honored to have you as a friend. Best wishes!

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