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Roger Burke
Bellingen, Australia
I'm Stuart's "chum from Australia - in London July 3-16. (arrive next Monday)
Where are you playing - I'm too old to come again !!!

Roger Burke
Duncan Bridgstock
Dear Peter,as i was enjoying reading youre book,i wondered if you know the painter Jean Michel Basquiat who featured Bird in his art.Please see youtube sam keller on Jean Michel Basquiat at fondation Beyeler.I met you once thru Peggy Burton (Wray)i hope that youre keeping a stiff upper embouchure !best wishes Duncan Bridgstock
Stuart Carpenter
Suffolk, UK
Do you have a London gig between 5 and 11 July as I have a chum arriving from Australia who is very keen to hear you play? He is an alto player with his own band in NSW.

Many thanks, Stuart
David Chilver
Your book is wonderful. Your artistry and honesty shine out from every page. I last said hello at the gig you did earlier in the year with Alex Riel ( a great evening) My late father Pete Chilver was a huge admirer of yours too. I sent you an e-mail a few days back with some recollections of his (and mine)which you might enjoy. But I'm not sure if I got the address right so you may not have received it. Once again many congratulations and very best wishes for everything you do. David Chilver
Richard Saunders
Perth, Western Australia
I've read, "Bird Lives", Straight Life, Stan Getz - A Life In Jazz and others, but I love Flying High ~ A Jazz Life And Beyond...A truly interesting read, with no holds barred!
It made my eyes pool whilst reading about the loss of Linda.
I quit playing saxophone in 1998 because of a few demons rearing their ugly heads, but reading this book has given me the inspiration I need!
It's good to see us Brits leave our mark on par with the all too dominant US jazz world!
John Clough
I have just bought and read Flying High. This is an excellent book, highly readable and and the truth and honesty shines out from the page like a Peter King solo.
John Clough
Steve Whiteley
Saw you play for the first time at the Club 505 gig for Martin Drew. My friends and I really enjoyed your playing and I have since got stuck into your book which I have found a gripping read! Will be looking out for you at other gigs in the area.
Dublin Ireland
Just saw you play in you blew me away...absolutely brilliant job man...
Hi Mr King Firstly i'm a professional trumpeter who is an TOTAL MAYNARD FERGUSON FAN...Ive just been listening to M.F HORN 1 Which to me is one of MF's BEST albums... Your alto sax sound is FANTASTIC..One of my favorite ballads is " A BALLAD TO MAX " BUT who was the song refering to ? " i just love your great sound matey...keep up the great work...
Ann Cotterrell
We had some great celebrations for the launch of your autobiography, Flying High: A Jazz Life and Beyond. Someone phoned me yesterday: his friend had called him and said 'You've got to read this book.' Of course I am biased (I'll own up - I'm the publisher) but I think that the book is one to be proud of.
Jeremy Doyle
Camden, London
I saw your band at the Bull's Head on Saturday, and it reminded me that it's too long since I had the pleasure of great modern jazz live. Thank you for a fantastic night of music! I'm looking forward to your next outing with the group.
Jeremy Doyle
Veronica Parker (Ronnie)
Bexhill-On-Sea, SUSSEX
Sorry Peter I think this may have gone to the wrong person! I DO apologise!!!
Veronica Parker (Ronnie)
Bexhill-On-Sea, SUSSEX
Very much enjoyed sharing a cab with you yesterday and only wish we had had longer to chat!
Mr.King,Would you be interested in coming
here to perform,2011?
Peter Goodair
Thank you for another wonderful concert last night at Corks Peter. Thank you also for all the pleasure you have given over the years.

Peter & Karen
Allan Lomax
Good luck with your biography. I was an avid control line flyer in the '60s. I had
a combat flying wing powered by a 5cc Miles Special called "Miles Ahead". I also had an ED Racer 2.5cc in a KK Phantom. Went like
a rat up a drain. Cheers Al
Shelly Hendler
La Jolla, CA

I wish you all the luck in the world with Flying High; you certainly deserve it.


I hope that you don't mind me writing to you. I am aware that during the 1960's my uncle Harold McNair played with you and as this would have been his 80th year, I am trying to put together any memories or photos that people may have of him.

I have listened and loved Harold's music since I was in my teens and would like, if possible, to ask those people who knew and played with him to share any memories they have of Harold for me and my family. As a family, we have very little of Harold except some second hand albums that I have collected over the years and a couple of photos that my mother, his sister Daphne, has. It would be great if you have anything, memories or memorabilia, that you feel you could share with us, or even spare the time for a phone call.

Dave Bryson
Mobile 07737421657

peter king
Ooops. let me correct a typo in my last message The book is called of course FLYING HIGH. You can check it out at Waterstones Books. Here is the URL Note it may not come out in the guest book?

Peter King
peter king
Thanks to all my dear friends and thanks for sall you wonderful notes. I'd like to mention my new book, FLYINH HIGH wil be available very soon now. Check it out at..
or contact the
publisher, Nortyjway Books at **
Ove to you all.from
Peter KingSmile
Ryan McCaffrey
Superb gig last night -as always! From the man in the leather coat who spoke to you at the end!
Mats Werner
I am writing a book about my late brother Lars (Lasse) Werner, Swedish jazz composer and piano player who died in 1992.
In the summer of 1951 and 1952 when Lasse was 16.17 years old, he lived in London and according to his friend Gunnar Möllerstedt (who was a paying guest of trumpet player David Ashton at the time) and to Lasses own memories, Lasse (who at the time was playing tenor sax) was playing together with Derek Humble, Ronnie Scott , Ronnie Ball och Jimmy Deuchar. Alos Tony Kinsey, Peter Ind and you yourself. Later, when you and Ronnie Scott played with Jack Parnell and visited Sweden, you met again with Gunnar M in Gothenburg, and Lasse at Berns in Stockholm where you also spent an evening after the gig at Berns.
I just wonder if you have any memories of Lasse from that time?
If so, I would greately appreciate to hear from you.
Keep swingin'
Roger Coghill
United Kingdom
Hi Peter!
Really lookinbg forward to your visit to The Open Hearth, Pontypool this Friday.
Melody McLaren
Potters Bar, Hertfordshire
Hi, Peter: really enjoyed your sell-out gig at The Hive in Shrewsbury Saturday night. I've posted photos that I hope you (and interested others) will enjoy on Flickr at:


Thanks to you and your fellow musicians for a terrific evening.

Best wishes,
Koh Mr.Saxman
Bkk, Thailand
I love you Peter King, even very far away here from Thailand but your Great Sax and wonderful music of you inspired me a lot.
KOH and Thai Love and adore you Peter.
Paul Schofield
Hi Peter,

Really looking forward to your performance at in Suffolk on the 4th Feb. Should be a fantastic night!
Ken & Cherry Player
Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex
Hi Pete, Can you remember us from the old days?. We have been married for 50 yrs and did most of our courting listening to you and Alan Rosewell. Would love to hear from you
John Welsh
West Hampstead
Dear Peter King,

I have heard you at club 606 and was wondering if I could do work experience with you for a day when you have a performance and shadow you as I also really want to become a saxophonist.


Peter King
Hello Freddie Stanisavljevic.

This is Peter king. Please contact me direct if you like at

Best wishes
Peter King
Freddie Stanisavljevic
Big Band Radio Television Belgrade Serbia
Hello Mr.King...
I send You a big and warm greetings from Belgrade and ask you for information about Your possible visits and concert with the Big Band Radio Television Belgrade-Serbia.
Our free date is March or May 2011.
I am a friend of Dusko Gojkovic trumpet

I am interested in prices and conditions.

1. A concert in the hall of 700 seats
2. Two rehearsals with Big Band
3. Recording of the concert (for local needs television), only in Serbia.
4.Four days and nights in Belgrade
5. Does the airline ticket may be economy class
6. Hotel in Belgrade 4 stars
7. A short seminar for the Belgrade saxophonists and musicians,1h 30min.

It would be our Honor and privilege that we play with artist like you.
On the other hand, maybe not A popular, but we are a musical production with a modest budget in a country that is not in an enviable economic position.
We hope that an acceptable offer with a full understanding and appreciation of your artistic and business proposals / business deals.
All the best and thanks in advance

Dragoslav Freddie Stanisavljevic
lead trumpet & music producer
Big Band Radio Television Belgrade
Agustín Pérez
Madrid, Spain
Dear Peter King

I am a Spanish jazz aficionado doing extensive research in order to compile a complete Chronology of Spanish pianist Tete Montoliu. So far I have published an expanded Discography at jazz scholar Mike Fitzgerald’s Jazz Discography website (**

Now I am in the process of researching and adding any concert by Tete Montoliu, recorded or not. As I know you played with Tete on several occasions, I would be very grateful if you could provide any kind of details (date, location, venue, musicians, tune lists) of your collaborations with Tete. So far this is what I have:

-A two days engagement at the Cova del Drac in Barcelona (Dec. 30 & 31, 1988) with PK, TM, Horacio Fumero and Peer Wyboris, being the second one issued by Fresh Sound Records. Do you know if both complete concerts were recorded? If so, could you provide tune listings?

-A concert at the Berliner Jazztage in Nov. 3, 1990, with PK, TM, Gerard Presencer, Horacio Fumero, Peer Wyboris. There is a tape circulating.

Any additional details on your collaborations with Tete would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Agustín Pérez
Madrid (Spain)
Stephen Hanley
Hi there I know this a rather strange request compared to what you usually get asked on here but as part of my third year at Leeds College of Music I'm writing a minor dissertation on Joe Harriot and how and why he moved from being a hard-bop player to free form. I'm aware that you are coming to the college to gig at the venue in the next few weeks, so i was wondering if there would be a chance while your at the college if you would be interested in giving me half an hour of your time to answer some questions i have. It would add another dimension to my dissertation if i could include quotes from an interview with yourself.

Many Thanks

Steve Hanley (LCM BA JAZZ 3)
ed hardy
nice to see and learn thing ! it's ok to every one to see.
ed hardy

<h3><strong> <a title="ed hardy " href="** hardy</a> </strong></h3>
Pat King
Dear Peter, I am at last on the web.. I am so pleased to have found you. I do hope that you will contact me, either by email or phone. 00356 21632475. I shall be away until the 30th Sept. Your Sister-in-Law. Pat
Peter KIng
To all my friends and all who have posted such warm and warm warm, wonderful and supportive msessages on this site. I'm afraid I only recently dicovered themall. I want to thank you all for all your kind words. I wish I could answer you all individually but that is impossible :-((

Thanks again and I'll keep my eye on the site in future.

Best wishes
Peter King
Moe Whittemore
New Palestine , IN USA
This is a bit around the corner, but I wanted to congratulate you on your contributions to Model Aerodynamics! (That's where I was first made aware of Peter King - the NFFS Sympos!)
And I checked out your bop contributions! What a treat! A couple of my fave artists died recently - Michael Brecker and Anita O'Day. They'll be rough to replace....
I wrote a Sympo article for this year's release, but apparently they had too much input. So, I guess they'll use it next year. But they left my damn bio in the back of Sympo 2010!
I'm very interested in your "Science" paper ("The Right Pitch for Saxophonists"Wink. I blow double reeds (oboe & english horn) and am always catching flak from my teachers when I modify the timbre of many notes by using my throat! ("Quit dropping your jaw!"Wink Yeah. It works!
Take care,
Moe Whittemore
AMA 39457 - HA!
Phil Edwards
Uckfield, East Sussex
Stunning night at the Hastings Jazz club this wek playing the music of Bheki Mseleku. Loved every moment of it, thanks for giving so much pleasure
Heinz Ramisberger
Red, White & Blues (2003)Tongue

Hallo, ich bin begeistert von Ihnen und Ihrem Saxophon, habe Sie zum ersten Mal im Film Red, White & Blues gesehen. Ich bin 53 Jahre alt und habe vor 6 Monaten mit dem Saxophon spielen begonnen und bin bereits süchtig. Ich hoffe, dass ich vielleicht nur den Ansatz eines Profis spielen kann. Der Weg ist noch weit.

Kraig Dodge
Fremont, MI
Hi Peter. I really don't know that much about you...just tonight I found your web site. However, for years I have been listening to Maynard Ferguson MF Horn and just love your playing on that record. I will be searching for more of your recordings so I can enjoy your playing more. I am a dedicated altoist and appreciate your playing, tone, sound, so much!! You are amazing. Nice to have found your site and to be able to say hi! Kraig
jane Colenso
Smile I am putting together the jazz side ofa festival in Bath on 18th July (afternoon/early eve) really talented players coming along... Tony Kofi, Byron Wallen, Anders Olinder, James Morton band - with ClareTeal, Pee Wee Ellis and others saying they will pop in and cameo if they can...WOULD YOU COME TOO? please x there is some budget - not masses as council funding!! but it will be a great day and would be even better if you could come. thanks Jane
Hi Pete

I saw you at the Bull last night, outstanding as ever. I was hoping you would play Pent-up suite, but the two Wayne Shorter pieces were ample compensation! Fantastic.


Rene Laanen
The Hague, Netherlands
Peter King, THE best Altoist in Europe!
Glenn Preston
Hi Pete.
I am the small kid Hank Shaw used to take to gigs when I was 10 to the Bull and with Tubby to the ealing tech college when Hank and Tubby had a row as Hanks car got locked into the car park .I play a bari but not very well. Bill Le Sage actually remembered me when I saw him at the jazz club in plymouth.
Peter King Number 1 ..Nuff said
steve darlington
Hi Peter,

it has always been a great thrill to hear you live. I was present at the Bird auction at Christies. My hairs on the back of my neck stood up and my eyes burned when you played confirmation on Bird's alto. You are truly one of the greatest ever alto saxophonists. You are in that elite group of the best half dozen that ever lived. I hope to see you for many more years to come. All the best. Jan 2010
Corsica France
Hi Peter,
i'm a disabled saxophonist (i have an hemyplegia.
Fortunatly, my hands is OK....).
Your music and your playing enjoy my life....
I wanted to know if it's possible to meet you for a teaching....
Ian Carus
North of Scotland
I'm just listening to Tamburello for the first time for a while. I'd forgotten how wonderful it is. Thanks.
Howard May
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England
Hi Peter,I have had the great pleasure of seeing you many times over the years at Ronnie's and various other venues and would really like to introduce some of my friends, all of whom are accomplished musicians, to your music.My problem is finding a gig guide for you as I've googled it and can't find anything very useful to tell me where and when you are playing dates during the rest of this year and into 2010.Can anyone tell me where I can find a list of your dates so I can book some tickets?Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you again and introducing some others to your music.Howard.
Susan Nunn (Lloyd)
Salisbury Wilts
Just to say hallo! When are you coming this way again - I missed your last visit and don't get up to Lon'n so much these days. You're still the best!
Happy memories!

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