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Martyn Sinclair
So so sad to have just heard of the passing of Peter ... had the pleasure of seeing him play so many times. He was a legend of jazz .. maybe the best saxophone player this country has produced . You will be sorely missed but your music will live on forever . RIP
Paul Leonard
I still can’t believe you have gone, Peter. You were a wonderful teacher and friend. Rest in peace. May all your recordings inspire all saxophonists across the world. For me, you were the greatest! Love you, Peter.
Roy Chapman
Guoildford, Surrey
Sorry: Star & Garter, Putney! and the Community Centre, Richmond
Roy Chapman
Guildford, Surrey
So Sorry to hear of Peter passing away last Sunday. Such fond memories of those early days when he played at the White Hart Acton and the Star & Garter Richmond
Folkestone, Kent
RIP The King
Ben Riddle
Hi guys,

If you can't get hold of Peter directly then I am happy to pass on info to him. My email is
I'm happy to forward on anything you wish.
Kevin P
Hey Pete.
Worked at Ronnies the late 70s.
Thanks for everything mate.
You were a very kind man.
Hi Peter.
do you remember playing a gig in 1965, at the Prince of Wales Theatre in Coventry Street?
I believe The Tubby Hayes Big Band was part of an afternoon show which featured The Bill Evans Trio, Mark Murphy and possibly Ben Webster. I'm sure I was there but can find no reference to it anywhere. I am writing a book about my sixty years as a Jazz fan, so it would be very helpful if you would confirm or deny the existence of this 'mystery concert' which I'm certain was organised by Ronnie. Best wishes and keep on swinging BARRY
Valerie Mather
Hi Peter. I had the pleasure of listening to you play at the Chelsea 606 club back in January 2017. I am an amateur photographer and I have a lovely shot of you playing the after midnight set which I am happy to share with you if you let me know how I can send it. I don't see an upload section on your website. kind regards Val PS My website is valeriematherphotograpy in case you want to verify before responding.
Bill McKay
North East UK
Hello Peter, its many years since I have been able to hear you live. I remember the last time we spoke you had a fine wool camel overcoat on which i loved. Anyway this is about Cookers Gigs in London on the 26 and 27th of March 2020 - Church of Sound Hackney. Why not just show up and remind everyone just how good you are. The band apart from David Weiss are all old duffers like us. Would love to see you there. Kind regards Bill McKay
Hello Peter,
I´d like to ask you if you were part of a certain recording session from back in the 80s. Could I send you a couple of tracks to find out, please?
Adrian King
Biggrinear Mr King
Just a fan letter I stumbled upon your 'Footprints' quartet recording - wonderful. Then I found a copy of 'Speed Trap - glorious. Then 'Forever Elivin' - spine tingling.
Lang may yer lum reek!
With HUGE regard
Adrian King (there's a lot of us about.....)
Kevin Champagne
Albany, NY
Just had an urge to listen to an old Jack Jones album that my mother used to listen to when I was very young. I really liked the album and still do. Upon re-listening, all these years later, I realize that the arrangements are what makes the album so good. Assuming you are the Pete King involved, thank you!
Richie Binns
Hi Pete
Hung out with you years ago you wont remember me had some great conversation, however I'd like to share a story with you I know you will love.
Back in the day was in a Sax repair shop a sax players hang out, young guy comes in and says, 'Man I've got this Bop thing real bad. I was killing time waiting for the banks to open and was in W H smiths flicking through magazines.
In this Aero modellers magazine was a picture and article on someone that looked exactly like the great Alto Player Pete |king'
Another guy says 'Hey man your not going mad, it will be him|he's a big league cat when it comes to Aero modelling.
Hes won like British championships and bigger I'm sure.'
The young guy then says, 'Oh Man, you've got it as bad as I have we need to see someone.'
Well at that everyone in the place falls about.
Pete, your one of the very best, best regards
Joseph Allan Collins
Atlanta, GA
WOW!!! I believe the first time I heard you, you were with the Ferguson Band. The Summer of 42 was the song. I was in Jr High School at that time and was so very impressed with your sound and style (heart) in which you played that solo still am to this day. At that time I played Tenor Sax. After High School I went College for a short time then into the Military Music Program where I retired. Still plesently playing. I,ve played in Big Bands, Combos and Sax Quartets/Quintets and when I played Alto I always remembered your sound and tried my best to emulate your sound. I am horoned to have this opportunity to thank you for your part in my personal development as a Saxophonist.
Joe Merricks
Pete - though my wonderful dad (84 and still inspirational to me and a huge source of knowledge and beautiful music to me) always mentioned you in hallowed tones, it’s only in the last few days I’ve listened to you. Strange how we went frequently to the Barton Arms in Brum for example to see the likes of Bobby Wellins, Stan Tracey, Tony Levin, Keith Tippett et al yet I never have had the pleasure of seeing you play. Today I ordered 3 of your albums and had a tear in my eye when I heard ‘You make my heart sing’. Beautiful, sublime playing - your sound is something else - better late than never I guess. I’m so glad I’ve discovered your music sir!
Ron Lee
River Falls Wisconsin USA
Hello Peter, have to say you are a fantastic sax player. I don't play sax i play guitar but learn from sax players too and you are one of the best I've ever heard. thanks for the great music. Hope so see you live sometime.Smile

Ron Lee
Hello Peter
Just listening to your CD Footprints once again - superb, as are all your recordings. I was privileged to see you play at Market Harborough Jazz Club about 5 years ago and will never forget that experience. I also enjoyed reading your book.
Thank you and very best wishes
steve Higgins
Dennis Higgins 1/1/33- 6/11/17
Hi Pete, My Dad passed away after a long illness. We have a cremation service in Kingston at 11am on Friday 24th Nov followed by a celebration at the Surbiton British Legion at 12pm. I will quote your kind words from the signed copy of Flying High.
You are most welcome to join us if free. Steve
Hi Peter. Great performance at the 606 Club on Saturday (22 July). I would be happy to share my video of Lush Life if you wish. Kind regards, Matthew
Jarek Zaba
Hi Peter - I am working on a project exploring the history of music in Kingston upon Thames and would love to chat about your involvement. Drop an email if interested -

Will Heard
Just listening to Tamburello for the nth. time. If I only owned one CD this would be it (with Janus as a close second).
Peter, your music is so much appreciated.
I wish you all the best.
Will Heard
Peter, please feel free to use this fantastic video of you at the Bull's Head.


Thank you so much for your beautiful skills.
John Graham
One of the first gigs I went to see as a youngster was Art Pepper at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham back in the late 70's. I was so impressed that I decided I would go and hear as much jazz as I could. The next concert was the 'Be-bop preservation society'. The alto saxophone that night was spellbinding and being so young I couldn't understand why there were only about 30 people in the audience when the Art Pepper gig had about 250! Don't get me wrong, Art Pepper was great but the Pete King experience was something else. I went to loads of your gigs after that. The Bell in Codicote one evening was utterly brilliant. All the best to you. Now, where can I get the book!
Frank Noble
Framlingham Suffolk
Hi Peter
Knock them out at the 606 Saturday 21st Jan. Wish I could be there.
Frank Noble
Therese Denney
Sydney Australia
Hello Peter
I'm Joan Mckechnie youngest daughter Therese I'm not sure if you know but mum passed away .mum always said that she loved the time she spent with you and aunt lil and that she loved your music she always said that she hated living so far away from aunt Lil
If it is possible if you have any photos of mum and aunt Lil could you email me some to me
With love
We loved watching your videos

Saw you recently and your health was poor - hoping for improvement and continuation.
Frank Kindred
All the best Peter hope we are going to see one of your wonderful gigs soon.
Matthew, jo & Marian
Dear Peter - Just heard you've been poorly. May your Life be Lush again as soon as possible. xx
Neil Humphris
Hi peter, I hear youv'e been a little poorly of late and just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and a get well soon message. I am in the middle of reading your wonderfull book at present and can't put it down.Have seen you play many times mostly at the pillar rooms cheltenham town hall or the queens hotel in cheltenham and while I am writing this I am listening to My Foolish Heart & My Girl from the crusade album on youtube and they are truly wonderfull renditions and inspirational hope to see you again soon Pete and thanks again for all your wonderfull music.
Yiyun Zhang

Hi Peter,

My name is Yiyun Zhang, I have been working as a photographer&videographer in jazz for 2 years in the UK, mainly offering my works to Sussex Jazz Magazine and Jazzwise with reviewer Eddie Myer. I am honored to be invited by OBE Claire Martin who is running the South Coast Jazz Festival, to have a photograph exhibition in Jan, 2017.

In Feb 14th, 2016, I was sighed by Lizhi FM (** based in Beijing, China, to open my exclusive podcast program. It mainly about jazz scene in the UK, Europe and the US, and I have done many live interviews so far in London, Leeds and Brighton, including Tina May, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Kenny Barron, Wayne Escoffery, Victor Wooten, Mike Mainieri etc.

May I ask you to do a 10 mins interview before or after the show at the Llandudno Jazz Festival? I am the official photographer of the Llandudno Jazz Festival, also invited by Neil for doing interviews during the weekend. I would be very proud to put your interview on my new podcast program in Oct if we can make it.

Thank you,

Yiyun Zhang

Founder & Management in IHEAR

graham Butler-Shawe
madrid Spain
Hello, It's so nice to see your alive and still playing.I say this because in the early 70s I played tenor sax with one of the rehearsal bands set up by the National Jazz Organisation's many bands to help youngsters to improvr their reading etc,,,I Often listened and saw you in the clubs at the time and although a tenor man,I always admired your sound and great technique.I ended up blowing a bit-no jazz-in Germany and later here in Spain until I took up teaching English for a living.Thanks so much for forming part of probably the happiest time of my life,God Bless. Graham
Campbell Ryga
Vancouver BC. Canada
Hello Peter

I've been listening to Tamburello for years and as both the recording and I age, I must tell you I have been enjoying it more and more. You are a wonderful pure player and I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration you've given me. I would love to purchase a lead sheet of Leona if that's possible, please let me know how I'd do that

Take good care Peter

Steve Wales
Hi Pete,
You played with my Dad Brian at the Three Tuns pub in Beckenham in the Seventies ! I have recordings of the gig if you are interested ?
Cheers Steve
Allan Friswell
Cowlng BD22, Yorkshire

I so much enjoyed hearing you play last night. The Strayhorn number opening the second half was a throwback decades ago, and was really good to hear. I think you felt the huge warmth and affection for you last night from the full house, and concern generally for your health - we've seen you look brighter. So keep on the Sanatogen and keep blowing the blues away. Good luck with Sheffield tonight, lad.
Please get in touch with me Peter, i wanted to discuss a book i am making.
steve boyer
leamington spa
I forgot to mention my favourite original of yours Chatalet
steve boyer
leamington spa
I have many of your lps Pete a couple of favouite tracks are overjoyed and Valdez in the country. I have seen you many times in concert also. Did you do any live work with everything but the girl?
peter king
Hi Jim.

please email me about the Ludlow gig. Email is
Jim Hunt
Ludlow Shropshire
Hi Peter, I've started a new jazz club in Ludlow a great venue called the Charlton Arms which has a wonderful river terrace room. I stated the venue with Alan Barnes then I've had rising young guitarist Remi Harris. Both were a success. I was wondering if you would headine our Autumn programme with a Friday in late September or October/ November. My mobile is 07957392074. Regard Jim Hunt
Jo Sterckx
This is Johnny 'oddball' Sterckx's (valve trombone from way back when) daughter. I wanted to contact you - wasn't sure if the guestbook was still active?
Brian Ward
Thanks for a wonderful gig at The SkyGarden today. Great setting and great playing.
Hold That Note
The Artworks, Elephant & Castle, London
Hello Peter,
We'd just like to say on behalf of ourselves and The Artworks management, how honoured we were to have you launch our 'Jazzin the Courtyard' event last night. To see you in action with the Sean Khan band was a joy to behold and we hope the band got a buzz as good as the one the audience had ! Really enjoyed our talk afterwards and learned so much in 30 minutes. We'd love to have you all back again at some point in the future ... until then. Best Wishes !
Ian Harris
Hi Peter, great gig last night in Marlow. Thank you for the music, the band swung like hell and you were on top form. Your rendition of Body & Soul is full of emotion and your playing is masterful! You are indeed the greatest Alto player I have ever heard (I'm 68 and have seen most of them). I am currently reading your wonderful book Flying High, what a life you have lived Peter! I hope to see you at a gig somewhere in the not to distant future. All the very best to you and thank you for your amazing playing. Ian Harris.
Hi does Kidderminster 1963 ring a bell?
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Iain B

My wife and I saw you last year at the Jazz club in St Ives. This is the first time I had heard you play and we were blown away. We hope to enjoy your extraordinary playing again.
All the best to you.

Joe Dobson
I'm the chap who muddles along with the sound equipment at Peterborough Jazz Club. I have just finished reading your autobiography and feel compelled to write you. I guess some parts of the book were very difficult for you write not only because of your own traumatic times but also the great sadness of losing good friends. I share many of your interests and was amazed at your aeronautical prowess. Is the world Wakefield number one still in your grasp ? I am so glad that you turned your life around and and have been able provide so many of us with an authentic voice in your playing which has a value beyond description. I we see you at Peterborough Jazz Club before too long.
Michael King
Hi Pete, I am the Canadian bloke whose book you signed after I saw you with Forever Elvin in Rye some weeks ago. Really love your book - helluva ride! Thanks again for being so brave, not to mention for making such wonderful music for so many decades! Peace be with you, Michael King.
See you soon in Barcelona

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